FAQ about kids electric car

How long does it take to charge children's electric car?

Battery life is affected by the number of hours used. The average battery life of such a toy car is 1-3 years. The larger the battery capacity, the longer the car’s charging time. In order to ensure that the battery is at maximum capacity and maintain good battery health in the future, the first charge time is longer than the regular maintenance charging.

  • 6V kids car: first charge about 10 hours, regular charge about 6 hours.
  • 12V ride on car: first charge about 18 hours, regular charge about 12 hours.
  • 24V ride on toys: first charge about 18 hours, regular charge about 18 hours.
Why we choose a 2.4g Remote Control System on kids toys?

Many kids electric cars on sale are equipped with 2.4g remote control system. Having a Bluetooth remote control that can control the vehicle is extremely important for parents, as it enables you to control the vehicle in case your child get hurt. This function also provides a driving experience for little kids who can’t control the toy car.

But why 2.4GHZ remote control is used in almost all ride on cars with remote control? Before 2.4g, a remote control can affect more than two devices in the same vicinity, which means that when you use the remote control to operate, it may cause interference and control to other cars. 2.4g ensure that there is no interference by using micro frequencies . With 2.4GHZ remote control all electric cars are independently controlled.

How fast is the kids' ride on cars?

6V, 12V, 24V power wheels cars are common in the market, there are also 36V & 48V electric cars for older kids age 10 and up. Speed of kids riding toys:

6V kids car: about 2-3mph, many parents buy this power wheel for 1 year old.
12V ride on car: about 4mph. The most common voltage battery car for kids, it is an ideal power wheel for 3 year old-7 years old.
24V ride on: about 6mph.  Kids 24v ride on is much faster than 6-12 v car, the kids should drive it under the guidance of adults.
36V power wheels for big kids: about 15mph+
48V electric cars for 10-year-olds to drive: about 18mph+

The size of the battery and the size of the motor are two determinants of the speed of the car. It is worth noticing that the size of the battery and the size of the motor need to match. This means that 12V electric motors need to be used with a 12V battery. If the motor and battery do not match, the motor burning due to the excess power, or the electric vehicle cannot move due to insufficient power.

Different voltage motorized cars for different ages of kids. Whether you are buying power wheels for below 10 year olds
or electric cars for 13 year olds, you should always put safety at first place. We also recommend you to pay close attention to your kids when they driving.

What speed is suitable for children of different ages?

Electric cars are designed for children to provide a more realistic driving experience on a safe basis. This is the original purpose of the designer. Therefore, when the parents are choosing battery-powered cars for kids, considering their age, don’t let the stimulus and excitement become fear and scare. Different speeds of car suitable for the age:

6V kids car for age 1-3

12V ride on car for age 3-6

24V ride on toys for age 6-8

36V power wheels for big kids aged 8+

The smallest 6 volt battery for power wheels car is designed for a young toddler. These cars and motorcycles typically have a small battery and very low power, and the travel speed is approximately 2 mph. Suitable for use on indoor or flat surfaces.

12V kids car is widely used and also more popular. The children of this age is not satisfied with slow movement but pursues real driving experience and more powerful motors. They even want to drive 2 seater power wheels to bring brothers and sisters or good friends. For security reasons, parents can operate the car through the remote control.

The big kids not only pursue speed but also has higher requirements for car brands, power wheels Jeep, Kids range rover, BMW kids car, Lamborghini kids car, and Mercedes power wheels, the versions of this series of popular cars are very popular among them. You will be surprised to find that these cars have lights, real car engine sound, a horn, and music players to simulate a real driving experience.

Why Choose Newbabywish?

Are you still buying remote control cars for your kids? Well, the kid’s electric cars should be on your list. There is so much fun for ride on car to your child since it comes with a lot of the similar features as a real car. Driving in a luxurious battery car is quite an excellent experience and can give your kids the thrill of feeling the steering wheel’s power from a young age. The electric car with remote control trains children’s attention and hands-on ability while ensuring safety. Plus, it can also enhance kid and parent relationships so that they can play together.
Buy your ideal ride on cars for kids is no easy, but we can give you a guide here. Newbabywish has selected various transportation styles, such as kids lamborghini power wheels, 12v ride on, motorized kids car, ride on motorcycles, electric jeeps, sports cars, remote control ride on car, power wheels truck, etc.

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