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Saleh Hoghoughi
Soft Play Rug

I bought this for my rambunctious toddler to jump around on in the living room and to catch any spills before they reach the carpet underneath. If you iron the rug and vacuum it when you get it then you should have no issues. Within an hour of doing both of those things the rug puffed up to a normal shape and is so very soft! I would definitely buy it again.

Elizabeth jo Collins

I like this run very much.

Hop Nguyen
Bought for sons bedroom!

I put this outside my sons crib and I love it! Very soft and great value!

very soft and straightens out quickly

It's very soft and plush. Used it in place of a rug and prefer this much more. Surprisingly, the rug flattened out within an hour. It helps to walk all over it several times for 10-15 minutes maybe more. Didn't have to iron it or anything either.

Leticia Iglesias
expand mat

I liked it so much that after a while I ordered a second one. After I unfolded and let it normalized for 3 days without touching it. It's not as thick as i was hoping it to be but that's fine and in the next few days it will most likely still expand.

Angie Turner
Soft playmat

I like the mat, and it had a non slip bottom.

Mrs. B.
Very soft and plush

Very soft. My toddlers, newborn and even picky husband love laying on the carpet. I didn't have any issues with it having creases or anything like that upon opening it, however, I did give it 4 stars because the border color is sightly different than the color of fabric in the middle.

Joseph Acuna
Just iron it and youll love it!

OK so I will definitely admit that it was pretty frustrating after opening it and it being so flat and having such huge creases in it from being vacuum packed. I even let it sit out for a week in my sunroom and it honestly didnt look any different than the day I opened it, it was super soft but had absolutely no cushion to it. I finally decided to stop being lazy and brought the iron out and it ended up being an extremely satisfying experience!

Jackie K
Durable padded mat, highly recommend for babies and toddlers

I love this mat. We originally got it when our daughter was starting to crawl so that it'd be easier to clean up spit up, and a little extra padding. Now she is a rambunctious toddler and it serves more as extra padding under her climbing toys - and for tired mom to sit on the floor with her sometimes.

Jose Saavedra
Amazing Mat! Very soft!

I bought this mat because we were looking for a mat or carpet big enough and soft enough to use for my new born son. Its perfect for our living room where we play with our son. Its soft enough for him to crawl around and lay down.