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Buying a Bounce House

How Much Is a Bounce House?

A bounce house provides a fun place for your kids to outlet their energy and keeps them away from the screen. Plus, Jumper rentals can take your children's party to the next level. Inflatable bounce house can not only be designed for a bounce birthday party but also weekend play. Therefore, buying a bounce house is a long-lasting investment.There are different kinds of types of bounce houses on the market for you to choose from for different occasions at different prices. Let's figure out its price one by one.Indoor bounce house($100-$300): Indoor bounce house is a mini bounce house placed indoors or in the garage, so it's a cheaper and budget option. The inside bounce houses are constructed from nylon on the non-bounce area and strengthened PVC on the jumping area. Hence, indoor jumper can be easily damaged by the rock and branches. For this reason, this can not be set up outdoor.Inflatable Bounce House($200-$600): Indoor bounce house and inflatable bounce house look similar, but their material is quite unique. The inflatable bounce house is usually regarded as a standard bounce house that can be placed outdoors. More, It has more reinforcements on the seams and entrance parts to ensure durability. Besides, the inflatable jump house also comes with a blower to continuously pressure the cushion. Water Slide Bounce House($200-$800): This water slide jumper house is for children to have water fun. Since standard bounce house is slippy when wet while the water slide bounce house is made of special material that can prevent slipping and sliding. Commercial Bounce House($1000-$2000): The commercial bounce house is often placed in the park for frequent use, so the commercial bounce house is often of great quality that can withstand constant use. So, commercial bounce house is often made of several layers for more durability.

Where to Buy a Bounce House?

Congratulations, you are finally deciding to buy a bounce house for your children. This is a wise decision that can bring joy to your little friends for many years to come. If you are confused about where to buy a bounce house, trust me, you are not the only one. Since the inflatable bounce house market is vast. Most inflatable rentals have cheap and poor bounce houses for sale. So we recommend you to buy more economical and practical products. Newbabywish has a series of inflatable bounce houses that cover from indoor bounce houses to outdoor bounce houses and bounce houses with slide. Each bounce house has super quality with an attractive look. Bring this giant bounce house toy to your family and bring fun to your kids.