Tummy Time Mat Padded Play Mat


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Gabriela Lucatero
Does expand gave it 4 days and steam cleaned it

Was skeptical at first worried that it would not expand properly because I dont own a iron, but my husband took a steam cleaner to it and instantly you can see it rising not soaked at all, but would advise to let it just air dry as it gets damp. Before putting it in playpen with child just make sure its 100% dry. I love this this thing

Jordan H.
Amazing product

Super comfy for parents and kids to hang out on. Love this mat and am recommending to friends already after a week. It takes about 1 week to open up fully.

It really does smooth out!

This is a childs room play mat. Its soft and velvety and a dream to walk and play on! Advise: patience! And DO NOT IRON!!

michael ketcher
Soft and lays nicely

Its super soft and lays nicely. Its also a cute pattern while not being quite so in your face like some of the other mats I looked at, which was important for me since its a room we all spend time in. Overall I would definitely recommend this mat!

Deborah Taylor
Just wait

I was skeptical. Thinking it would never expand to what it was supposed to. But by day 5 it was even better than I expected! Fits my little ones playpen perfectly. Easy to spot clean and vacuum. Well worth the wait to re-expand to its full glory after being vacuum packed for shipping!! Ill definitely buy another with no hesitation.

Jocelyn Garcia

I got this rug for my infant to start open floor playing & he was moving across the floor within the month at 6 months! It is so soft but the perfect thickness where you dont have to stress them falling on it.

Claudia Conn
Love it! (Make sure you have an iron)

Our family is loving this play mat! I will say, when I initially pulled it out of the box, I was disappointed because it seemed super thin and had creases in it everywhere. I had taken a chance on this, but we let it air out for a couple days and it looked marginally better. Then I took the iron to it...it was like magic! It not only removed all the wrinkles easily but the foam inside really grew in size.

Cindy J.
Be patient

Soft and study. Takes a long time to unwrinkle, but it will. I have two of these and it takes a couple of weeks, but well worth it.

Jessica Flores
Steam it!

I used my hand steamer on it during naptime and my son and I are now playing on it 30 minutes later. It is incredibly soft

Alexis Chantry
Soft and comfortable

I like how it looks in the room and the thickness and how soft it feels.