How fast is the kids’ ride on cars?

6V, 12V, 24V power wheels cars are common in the market, there are also 36V & 48V electric cars for older kids age 10 and up. Speed of kids riding toys:

6V kids car: about 2-3mph, many parents buy this power wheel for 1 year old.
12V ride on car: about 4mph. The most common voltage battery car for kids, it is an ideal power wheel for 3 year old-7 years old.
24V ride on: about 6mph.  Kids 24v ride on is much faster than 6-12 v car, the kids should drive it under the guidance of adults.
36V power wheels for big kids: about 15mph+
48V electric cars for 10-year-olds to drive: about 18mph+

The size of the battery and the size of the motor are two determinants of the speed of the car. It is worth noticing that the size of the battery and the size of the motor need to match. This means that 12V electric motors need to be used with a 12V battery. If the motor and battery do not match, the motor burning due to the excess power, or the electric vehicle cannot move due to insufficient power.

Different voltage motorized cars for different ages of kids. Whether you are buying power wheels for below 10 year olds
or electric cars for 13 year olds, you should always put safety at first place. We also recommend you to pay close attention to your kids when they driving.

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