What speed is suitable for children of different ages?

Electric cars are designed for children to provide a more realistic driving experience on a safe basis. This is the original purpose of the designer. Therefore, when the parents are choosing battery-powered cars for kids, considering their age, don’t let the stimulus and excitement become fear and scare. Different speeds of car suitable for the age:

6V kids car for age 1-3

12V ride on car for age 3-6

24V ride on toys for age 6-8

36V power wheels for big kids aged 8+

The smallest 6 volt battery for power wheels car is designed for a young toddler. These cars and motorcycles typically have a small battery and very low power, and the travel speed is approximately 2 mph. Suitable for use on indoor or flat surfaces.

12V kids car is widely used and also more popular. The children of this age is not satisfied with slow movement but pursues real driving experience and more powerful motors. They even want to drive 2 seater power wheels to bring brothers and sisters or good friends. For security reasons, parents can operate the car through the remote control.

The big kids not only pursue speed but also has higher requirements for car brands, power wheels Jeep, Kids range rover, BMW kids car, Lamborghini kids car, and Mercedes power wheels, the versions of this series of popular cars are very popular among them. You will be surprised to find that these cars have lights, real car engine sound, a horn, and music players to simulate a real driving experience.

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