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On a sunny day, parents always want to take their babies out for a stroll and enhance their feelings with each other. But for the parents who want to be light and fast, the baby umbrella stroller is a very important tool, especially the lightweight umbrella stroller, which is best for travel and necessary for the mother to go out alone with her baby. With a light umbrella baby pram, you can walk around with your baby, and get rid of the embarrassment of holding your baby full of sweat. I believe this article will help you to get a step futher about the Umbrella Stroller.

Why you need a lightweight umbrella stroller?

Most prams have their own unique features. For example: Jogging stroller with large tires has remarkable shock absorption effect, which is specially designed for sports loving parents. Travel systems are loved for their full functionality. But they all have one drawback in common – too heavy.

Compared with the weight, no stroller can beat the lightweight umbrella stroller. It weighs only 6 pounds. More importantly, they can be folded to the size of an umbrella. Due to the dexterity and lightness of the umbrella pram, it’s very popular with moms. These features make the umbrella pram very suitable for going out. It is convenient for you to get on and off the bus and take your children to visit your parents at any time. Because of its small size, it’s easy to hide in your trunk or take an airplane with you. It should be noted that most of the portable umbrella strollers are designed for children aged 6 months and above, when they can sit in the cars. Of course, there is also the umbrella stroller designed for newborns, which can make the baby lie flat. 

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What are the types of lightweight baby umbrella stroller?

The baby umbrella cart is generally divided into 3 types:

  1. sitting and lying umbrella strollers

This type of umbrella pram is suitable for newborn aged 0-36 months. It has 170 degree lying down function and complete use function. When the baby does not sleep, it can be used as a sitting umbrella stroller. If the baby is tired, adjust the gear to the position of lying on his back at 170 degrees, he/she can go to sleep.

  1. Sitting and semi lying umbrella strollers

This type of umbrella buggy is generally suitable for babies aged 6-36 months. This stroller is more convenient for babies to use near home, or when they go out to play. If the baby is a little tired, it is to put down the half lying state to let the baby rest for a while. But when babies want to sleep, it is necessary to push them home as soon as possible and put them on the bed to sleep. The pram with half lying function is not suitable for the baby to sleep for a long time, and is not good for the development of spine.

  1. Sitting umbrella strollers

This kind of umbrella baby carriage is suitable for children aged 6-36 months. It’s used for children to carry out near home but not suitable for the baby to sleep in the stroller, which is not good for the baby’s spine development. But its advantage is more portable and portable. The front wheels are equipped with shock absorbers to make the umbrella pram stable.

Advantages of umbrella pram

umbrella strollerThe main features of the light umbrella car are light and foldable, and it also has the following advantages:

  1. Sunshade, keep out wind and rain

In the hot summer sun, the awning on the umbrella car can protect the baby from the sun. When it’s windy or cold, you can open the full cover of the full awning of the stroller to protect the baby from the wind and rain, and also provide a relatively quiet space for the baby.


  1. Portable and cheap

Cheap and light, is a major feature of the umbrella pram, but also many mums love. Especially in summer, using a umbrella stroller is a good choice. Because of its light weight and easy to carry, especially for mothers without elevators.

  1. Air permeable skylight design

Some umbrella pram can be folded into half awning, and with skylight. You can watch the baby’s movements at any time.

  1. shock absorption

Most baby lightweight umbrella stroller have functions with shock absorption.

Precautions for use of the umbrella stroller

  1. The baby carriage is equipped with safety belt. When the baby sits in the stroller, remember to fasten the safety belt for the baby.
  2. Since the umbrella pram is lighter than other strollers. If the lively baby stands up in the umbrella car and leans forward, it may overturn. Therefore, parents need to remember the first rule and should not leave the baby easily, and pay attention to the baby from time to time.
  3. Don’t park the umbrella car on the slope, or the baby will easily slide down the slope with the carriage, or even roll over.
  4. Before going out, first check whether the brake device is sensitive. After the baby carriage stops, it must step on the brake device, so as to ensure that the carriage will not slide. When on flat ground, do not lift the front wheel and push it with the rear wheel alone, which will easily lead to frame bending and fracture.
  5. When using the umbrella stroller, don’t press your body on it, don’t sit on the side rails and handrails of the pram at will, and don’t hang the heavy package and sun umbrella on the handle of the pram.  All of these may cause great damage to the parts of the stroller or deform the handle. If there are too many things, the pram may overturn due to its unstable center of gravity.
  6. Last but not least, it’s better for the baby to take the umbrella stroller for 30 to 60 minutes.

Maybe you’ve bought a multi-functional stroller for your little one. But the lightweight umbrella pram can be its second pram. As your baby grows up, you need a more portable stroller. The umbrella stroller is your best choice. Come here to learn more kind of strollers at and enjoy free shipping.

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