How To Prevent Baby Cold In Autumn

In the autumn, the weather changes and the temperature difference is large. The mucous membrane of the respiratory tract is easily stimulated, and the body’s resistance is also reduced. In addition, the children’s interest-free system has not been fully adapted, so that some virus microorganisms have a chance to take care of them. Respiratory infections can catch a cold. So how do you prevent your baby from catching a cold in the fall?

1. Wash hands frequently, pay attention to hygiene

Studies have shown that there are more than 200 viruses that cause colds, 50% of which are rhinoviruses, and the highest rate of infection in the fall. It can survive on the towel for 1 hour and survive on the hands for 70 hours. Once the baby comes into contact with a virus-contaminated item, he or she will unconsciously rub his eyes and touch his nose to infect the cold. The incubation period is 1 to 4 days. Therefore, be sure to wash your baby often.

2. Change clothing according to weather changes

The weather is getting cold and warm, don’t rush to add clothes to your child. The weather is getting colder every day, and after that, it is not easy to lose it. It can only be more and more. Follow the principle that a baby has more than one clothes for an adult. Pay attention to wearing and taking off clothes in time.

3, Cold-resistant exercise

The baby’s respiratory tract does not receive the stimulation of the outside air for a long time, and it does not get cold-resistant exercise. When it is in the spring, or after contact with a cold patient, the resistance to the pathogen is poor and it is easy to get sick. The baby’s room should also be ventilated frequently to ensure the freshness of the air and to avoid the growth of bacteria and viruses.

4. Pay attention to diet

Give your baby some foods rich in vitamin C to help your baby improve their immunity. You can give your baby some chicken soup. The chicken soup is rich in protein, which can enhance the body’s resistance. It is better to put some garlic.

In addition, washing your face with warm and cold water can increase your baby’s ability to adapt to cold stimuli. Give your baby a bubble foot every night with hot water, which is good for preventing your baby from catching a cold. If the child does not treat the cold in time, it may cause complications such as laryngitis, tonsillitis, rhinitis, eustachian tube inflammation, and nasolacrimal duct eye. Therefore, parents should attach great importance to it.
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