Baby Nests Give Babies A Higher Quality Sleep

It’s an exciting journey to become parents. But many problems have followed. 

Have you had a good night since you have a baby? Maybe you will encounter these situations: You want to hug your little cute and fall asleep together, but worry about pressing them. You can’t sleep because you are worried that your baby will get out of bed. When infants sleep alone in the crib, they will always wake up at night and you have to get out of bed to appease them. If you are experiencing these pain and happy troubles, it means you need a good helper—baby nest.  

Why you need baby nests

A. Improve sleep quality and increase safety

It is well known that newborns need a lot of sleep time. Especially for babies 0-2 months, they sleep almost all day, so having a good sleep environment is crucial.

The bionic design of the simulated uterus allows the baby to enjoy a deeper sleep while reducing the frequency of holding the baby. It gives little babies an illusion that they are still in their mother’s stomach and increase the sense of security.

The baby nest has almost become a must-have item for newborn families. This snuggle nest is not just a bed to help baby sleep, it is even a small home for the baby. Whether you are traveling or a temporary visit, the baby nest is always a familiar place for infants, giving your little one a higher quality sleep.

B. Scientific design for health

1. Reduces the risk of plagiocephaly

The head-rest is designed by a professional pediatrician to distribute pressure evenly over the skull and neck. This helps the baby develop the correct head shape and protects against the risk of the flat-head.

2. Promote digestion

Lifting the child’s legs with an adjustable positioning pad can eliminate the baby’s indigestion.

3. Helps prevent startle reflex

Prevents startle reflex, also known as Moro reflex. The built-in cushioned edges create a cocoon feel, giving your baby a higher quality sleep. 

C. Convenience for parents to look after their baby
1. Perfect for Co-sleeping. It is more convenient to take care of your baby at night and allows parents to safely co-sleep with their babies.
2. Easy to carry. Nest comes with a sewn-in handle for easy portability. The baby sleeping bed can be folded and carried with you. Even if you take your little cute out, babies won’t cry because of the new environment, they can sleep sweetly in their nest.

3. The baby nest can cultivate the baby’s habit of falling asleep alone, which is conducive to the baby’s growth.

Newbabywish‘s baby nests

A. Lightweight style 

This baby lounger is suitable for babies from 0-12 months. It can perfectly adapt to your baby’s body shape. Besides, this kind of lounger provides optimum head and back support, and raises the newborn’s head and legs. The baby nest can surround the infants and give them more security and let your little one gradually adapt to the new environment.

Newbabywish Portable Baby Nest BedFeatures

  • Materials: 100% Cotton covers and PP cotton in it.
  • Fit for babies 0-12 month
  • Anti-overflow 5° slope
  • Adjustable: Adjustable position as your baby grows
  • Size: 55 cm * 38 cm, Approximately 350 g(0.55lbs)
  • Easy to clean and portable: Machine-washable, foldable, easy to travel and care.


B. Family style 

The family-style snuggle nest is rich in color and looks cute, which is a powerful part of creating a warm family. At the same time, it is also a good helper for taking pictures. The baby is lying on it and looks more lovely, you can take cute and charming art photos of your baby by yourself.

Featuresbaby lounger pillow

  • Materials: 100% Cotton covers and PP cotton in it.
  • Fit for babies 0-24/36 month
  • Can be used with a baby The bumper can be used in the crib for protection
  • Anti-overflow 5° slope
  • 1 x baby Pillow; 1x baby bed with bumper
  • Easy to clean and portable: Machine-washable, foldable, easy to travel and care.

C. Travel style

This kind of baby sleeping bed is characterized by portability. It has a handle design that is easy to carry. Little baby grows fast and the length of the nest can be adjusted by simply loosening the rope at the end of the bumper. The end of the bumper can be fully opened.

Cotton Braided Baby NestFeatures

  • Materials: 100% Cotton covers and PP cotton in it.
  • Fit for babies 0-24/36 month
  • Anti-overflow 5° slope
  • Easy to carry: It comes with a sewn in handle for easy portability
  • Easy to clean and portable: Machine-washable, foldable, easy to travel and care.



 Keys to picking a baby nest bed

Material: The infant’s skin is particularly sensitive, so the baby nest should be made of soft, breathable fabric and the inner filling of the nest should be cotton. This can keep your baby’s back and neck cool. You must confirm this before purchasing it.

Shape: There are many kinds of snuggle nest, some shapes of nests may look beautiful, but bionic design baby nests can better meet your baby’s needs.

Wash: Baby products need to be kept clean if the cover of baby sleeping bed can be removed, it is undoubtedly the biggest convenience for busy parents. The above mentioned baby nests are easily separated to place into your washing machine.

  Tips to help baby improve sleep quality

  1. Create a sleeping atmosphere

The infant is very susceptible to environmental infections. When the baby is going to sleep, put the baby on the bed to create a quiet atmosphere for sleeping, which will make the baby gradually lose interest in people and the surrounding things, and then the parents can guide the baby to sleep.

  1. Give your baby a sense of security

Baby is still young and easy to wake up. So let your baby feel safe when you sleep, such as wrapping your baby in a soft baby nest. As you get older, your baby gradually relaxes and learns to sleep alone.

  1. Give your baby some routines

Give your baby some routines that they will do every day before going to bed, let babies know in the subconscious, sleep after doing these things, then they will calm down and quickly go to sleep. For example, mothers can wash their feet and relax their bodies before going to bed every day.

  1. Sing sleeping songs

When infants are in their mother’s stomach, they can hear the lullaby that their mother sing. These music make babies feel relaxed and safe, so that they can get to sleep quickly. Therefore, mothers can sing the sleeping songs before going to bed to make babies sleep and improve the quality of sleep for babies.

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