How To Choose High Landscape Stroller

To choose the right high landscape stroller, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

First, the high landscape should not be too high, too high is easy to cause the baby to roll over, the distance from the ground can be controlled at 63cm, not the higher the better, the height range of the high landscape baby carriage can be controlled between 50cm and 65cm.

Second, the high landscape baby stroller should not be too heavy, the basic weight can be controlled at around 10-13KG. Otherwise, it would be more troublesome for the parents who did not have the elevator to take it.

Third, the width should not be too narrow or too wide. The international standard width can be controlled at 34-38cm, too wide, baby can easily turn inside, causing rollover. Too narrow, the baby is not comfortable inside.


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Why choose a high landscape stroller?

The high-view baby stroller has good safety performance, good design and is very flexible. The comfort of the baby is much greater than that of the lightweight umbrella, and the practical functions are also in place. Expressed in the following aspects:

  1. Shock absorber design, everyone knows that buying a car pays attention to shock absorbers. In fact, the stroller is the same. The suspension design of the high landscape stroller is very good, and some strollers have 8 shock absorbers. The shock is good or bad, directly reflecting the performance of a stroller.
  2. Reversing, itis very important for newborn babies. Some countries stipulate, for example, that newborn babies use sleeping baskets, need to use the reversing state, directly face the baby, always observe the baby’s situation, better cultivate and baby’s parent-child communication.
  3. Brake design and performance, high landscape baby carriage brake design is very flexible, especially the brake device designed across the middle of the rear wheel, parents can step on the brake lever in any emergency, you can start the brake. And the braking performance is also stable, the brake state, adults sitting on it without any problems.
  4. High landscape baby stroller is higher than the ground, not to mention 100% to avoid the impact of car exhaust or dust, but it will be useful. When eating or playing, it can be used directly as a seat to let the baby communicate with their parents.

In short, it is necessary to choose a high landscape stroller that will bring your baby safety and comfort.


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